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In 1996 the editors of Bahai Studies Review asked me to write a comparative review of several Bahai-authored books on science and religion. They never got around to publishing it, so here is my draft.

Download review of publications dealing with science and religion (pdf 47kB)

In 2010-11 I went through a spate of reading and reviewing books by so-called neo-atheist authors. Make of these what you will.

Download review of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion (subsequently published in Bahai Studies Review 16(1) April 2010) (pdf 24kB)

Download review of Christopher Hitchens’ God Is Not Great (pdf 66kB)

In 2023 I finally settled on a review format that suits my particular style of note-taking and analysis. See what you think:

Download review of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy and its BBC adaptation (pdf 150kB)

Download review of Karl Popper’s autobiography, Unended Quest (pdf 37kB)

Download review of Bertrand Russell’s History of Western Philosophy (pdf 427kB)

Download review of Bertrand Russell’s My Philosophical Development (pdf 60kB)

Download review of Bertrand Russell’s Autobiography (pdf 978kB)

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