Roger Kingdon’s technical research

Forecasting Global Aircraft Emissions (pdf 93kB)

Why the poor will always outnumber the rich (pdf 28kB)

Turbulent Rankine Vortices (pdf 1.8MB)

Sudoku solver (txt 5kB) (The good news: This takes just 10ms to solve even the most difficult Sudoku puzzle. The bad news: You need to have Sicstus Prolog and its Constraint Logic Programming library module.)

Multi-agent simulation of different human societies (pdf 336kB)

Anytime planning for advanced agent behaviour (pdf 3.3MB)

The wrecking game (pdf 19kB)

The Motivation for an Education in Science (pdf 82kB)

Why it is more likely for people to be right-handed (pdf 31kB)

<> family tree writer (pdf 987kB)

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