IDEAL is my high-level design for a robot control system which, I claim, is capable of reproducing the key features of human intelligence. Its main principles were summarised on this website (2004); supporting arguments were published in Principia Intellegentia (2009); more accessible descriptions and explanations were published in How to Make a Mind (2015); and second editions of these books are now available for free download (2024).

View IDEAL website vintage 12 August 2004

Download Principia Intellegentia second edition (pdf 5.9MB)

Download How to Make a Mind second edition (pdf 1.3MB)

As part of my 2008-09 MSc in Advanced Computing at Imperial College London I showed that IDEAL compares favourably with other published high-level cognitive architectures.

Download my 2009 review of cognitive architectures (pdf 2.1MB) and my seminar slides of the same (pdf 1.9MB)

These ideas are the basis of my talk How People Think that was delivered on 16 November 2017 to Class XII students of City Montessori School, Lucknow.

Download How People Think slides (pdf 780kB) or slides and audio (pdf 70MB)

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